I'm really sorry, but I haven't enough time to translate the tutorials. They are still being published but just in one language version. They'll appear here eventually but for now feel free to drop by to my Polish blog - even if the steps are in Polish, I hope the photos will be comprehensible for all of you.


Cheers :)

Decoupage Tissues DIY

 " A duck who thinks he's a rooster and now a pig who thinks he's a dog!"
                                                                            (Babe; 1995)

For some reason I’ve never managed to make transfer graphics for decorating items, even though I have a proper printer and paint thinner. I got really frustrated, ‘cause all of my attempts were failures and I found so many interesting images on the Internet I wanted to use. So I came up with an idea. I’ve tried to print out a graphic on a tissue paper and.. bull’s eye! It came out really nice. So today I want to show you how you can get some new decoupage tissues with any picture you want.

Totoro T-shirt

 "We all need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it's not easy."
(Kiki's Delivery Service; 1989)         

Recently, my sister and I got into Studio Ghibli’s movies. If only we discovered them sooner! We watch one movie every Friday evening. So far we’ve seen: My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away,  Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, Secret World of Arrietty, Whisper of the Heart and Kiki’s Delivery Service and we’re glad there’s still so many to go. Thus, I came up with the idea to give my sister a T-shirt with Ghibli’s logo for Christmas. After little research I decided to make one instead of buying. My sister was so happy when she opened her present! So today I want to show how to make one yourself.

CD Cup Pads

"Now I love my coffee, it's probably the only thing 
I cherish in this foresaken mud ball called Earth!"
                                                                                                                               (License to drive, 1988)

After making the cook notebooks I had some of the oilcloth left. So I decided to make a new tutorial using them. I’ve always wondered what’s the purpose of those plastic circles in CD packages. I have plenty of them so I was thinking how I can recycle them. At first, I wanted to make a small rack but my attempts were all failures. However, this oilcloth is pretty inspiring – I came up with an idea for cup pads. So, gather all of your old, broken CDs and get to work!

New Year's Goals

"I have a strong psychic belief that the world will end on New Year's Eve"
(Ghostbusters II; 1989)                  

I wonder how many of us failed in your last year’s resolutions?  Well, I did for sure. It turns out that it does not take much to make them more likely to achieve next year. Most of us probably compose the goals the wrong way and that’s why we forget about them by the end of January. In today’s tutorial I want to show you how to make our goals more achievable using paper, scissors and a little bit of modern psychology, the basics of which I had a chance to learn during my university courses. Scientific texts quoted here come from the book "Improving interpersonal skills" written by Hanna Dolna, who is the coach at interpersonal training at my uni, during which, I learned how to properly formulate goals, and not just business ones.